We protect! We save life!

  • The world first intelligent-regulating, pure-DC device

    Automatically detects target impedance, automatically adjusts current output intensity, ultra-low current (1.6-1.8mA/Second).

  • Anti-robbery power off mechanism

    The power will be immediately cut off when the device is grabbed by a criminal, protecting the user from injury.

  • Target anti-cheating mechanism

    Automatically prompt the user when the function is truly effective , preventing the target from camouflage.

  • Cardiac, head and neck, groin region avoidance

    Effectively avoids injuries to the important sensitive organs.

  • Time-lengthening power off

    System automatically terminate pulse discharge when the operation exceeds pre-defined timing, preventing the abuse.

  • Impact-buffer technology

    Effectively reducing the impact kinetic energy to the target, minimizing damages.